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Since its beginnings in 1873, when the first football match was played here, football in Rijeka has had its audience and its supporters. The more Rijeka remained in the First Division, the more supporters they had in the stadium stands, under the legendary Kantrida rocks. There were magnificent matches and welcomes after winning two Cups in 1978 and 1979. During the European matches against Real and Juventus, Kantrida was too small to accommodate the numerous supporters who wanted to sit under the legendary rocks and watch some of the best football players of all times.

Although supporters from all parts of Kvarner were coming to see the matches, there was no organized cheering until 1987. The group of supporters from Rijeka named after the famous Spanish naval fleet ‘Armada’ has existed for 28 years already. They have the same enthusiasm as the 32 young men who travelled to Podgorica to the second match of the semi-finals of the Yugoslav Cup against Budućnost. For the first time, they used the name ‘Armada’.

Armada - The strength of the Club, the heart of the city.

Little did they know back then that they marked the beginning of the fan movement in the city on the river Rječina. It grew from year to year and made Armada a brand by which Rijeka is recognized even outside of the Croatian borders. Every year, it has more new members with the new energy and new ideas, thanks to Armada which often represented the avant-garde of the football fan scene in this area. All of this is a guarantee that Armada will celebrate many more birthdays and, as everyone hopes, trophies for the beloved Club. In the years to come, many generations of the Western sector fans will be the pride of the Club and the region, thanks to their loyalty and love.

Armada - The strength of the Club, the heart of the city.



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We invite everyone to send their work to the e-mail address which will be published in the Fan Section. Since the supporters of CFC Rijeka have shown their creativity and imagination numerous times, we are sure that the new website will be really interesting and well accepted.

Multimedia material that is published in the Fan Section must be in accordance with the principles of sportsmanship cheering and tolerance which CFC Rijeka promotes.

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