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In February 2012, the Italian entrepreneur Gabriele Volpi, whose company is also the owner of the Stichting Social Sport Foundation, signed a partnership agreement with the City of Rijeka. As a result of the reorganization, Social Sport received a 70% ownership stake in HNK Rijeka, while the City of Rijeka received 30%.

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The process of reorganization of HNK Rijeka from a civil society organization into a public limited sports company ended in September 2013 with the registration of an increase of share capital from 12 million kunas to 82.27 million kunas in the Commercial Court in Rijeka.

On 27 August 2013, the decision to increase the share capital was made during the General Meeting of HNK Rijeka. The City of Rijeka invested their rights and claims against the Club into the share capital, based on the transferred claims of the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the taxation debt, contributions, and other public levies in the amount of 16.86 million kunas. As a result, the City of Rijeka now has 248,606 shares and owns 30% of the Company.

Stichting Social Sport from the Netherlands has invested 54.01 million kunas, acquired 580,100 shares, and owns 70% of the Company.

The items on financial recovery and the settlement of all debts of HNK Rijeka from the Partnership Agreement, signed in February 2012 between the City of Rijeka, Stichting Social Sport Foundation, and HNK Rijeka, have been completed to the mutual satisfaction of all parties.

The Foundation showed the seriousness of its intentions by fulfilling contractual obligations to HNK Rijeka more than a year before the deadline.

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