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Roman Bezjak
Team : 1. Team
Bezjak: The team needs to be at its best when playing for points

In Kranjska Gora, Roman Bezjak is taking part in his first match preparation training with Rijeka. However, he is familiar with this type of work. Two training sessions a day and preliminary matches that break the routine are typical for this part of the season.

– Our work is of high quality. I think we will prepare well for the new season. It is hard, but it is quite normal for this period. This way we can prepare in the best possible way for the season which will bring a handful of difficult matches – says Roman Bezjak, the striker who during the preparation match against Triglav scored two times and proved to be inexorable in the rival penalty area.

-The match against Triglav proved useful, almost like target practice. We approached it very seriously in both halves, although there were mistakes, which we will try to eliminate through training and upcoming preparation matches. All in all, we need to be satisfied. What kind of a shape am I in? I scored three goals in two preparation matches, but I think of them only as practice, in which you need to go to the maximum in order to properly welcome the beginning of the season. When the time comes to play the matches for collecting points, we need to be at our best because, otherwise, the wins and goals from the preparation matches will not be of much value.

Although he has been working with the team for just a bit more than 20 days, Roman’s ambitions for the new season are very clear.

- We do not need to lie to each other. We wish to, like every year, fight for first place, to play well, and enter the Europa League. I hope that in the next 15 days before the season begins we will prepare well and be ready to welcome all the challenges that lie ahead of us – concluded Roman Bezjak.

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