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HNK Rijeka membership: Find out what benefits you can enjoy

All fans have a bond with their club that is unbreakable and signing up for membership is one of the ways you can show your allegiance.

Being a member of HNK Rijeka has many benefits including, most importantly, discounts for all matches held at HNK Rijeka stadium, as well as many other from HNK Rijeka sponsors.

By showing their membership card for the 2017/2018 season, Rijeka fans can get the best insurance rates at Sava osiguranje, great gas prices at Adria Oil, discounts for purchasing Wiko cell phones, reward points for the “Moja Žuja” app, which brings you special Žuja rewards, ceramics and sanitary ware at KIMI Commerce in Viškovo, i.e. at Špina in Matulji, free welcome drinks at the Crystal Palace Casino, and discounted bus tickets with Autotrans.

You can find the details in the Membership section where we will be publishing new membership benefits that we arrange with official HNK Rijeka sponsors.

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