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She is only ten days old: Sara Baćac became the 4000th member of HNK Rijeka

Sara Baćac is one of Rijeka’s youngest fans. She was born on 23 October 2016 and her father Danko got her a membership on the same day. Lady Luck made Sara the 4000th member this season.

That is why she received the honour of being handed a membership card and an appropriate gift by Andrej Prskalo, the captain of HNK Rijeka who became a father himself 18 months ago.

The Baćac family lives for Rijeka. They attend matches regularly and there is no doubt that little Sara will follow in their footsteps.

HNK Rijeka wishes Sara a warm welcome into our big family.

Watch the video to see the story of Rijeka’s youngest fan and why she was given a number 23 jersey.

Sara Baćac – 4000. član HNK Rijeka

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