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Tars becomes the official beer of HNK Rijeka

Kaltenberg and HNK Rijeka have signed a three-year collaboration agreement in the pleasant atmosphere of Ludwig's gastro pub, making Tars the official beer of HNK Rijeka.

- “A year ago, Kaltenberg built a brewery in the Rijeka area, which is why we have decided to collaborate. In addition, the Kaltenberg brand has been present in Croatia for 25 years. We have now crafted a Rijeka beer for Rijeka supporters as we enter into a partnership with HNK Rijeka”, said Gordan Putanec.

After signing the agreement, the attendants toasted with Tars beers boasting recognizable Rijeka branding that will be available in stores. The signing of the agreement took place during a promotional event for the new Tars HNK Rijeka beer. The managing director of HNK Rijeka Luka Ivančić emphasized his contentment with this new collaboration.

- “I’d say this is a historic moment for Rijeka football because until now we have never had a partnership like this in the beer sector. I hope this collaboration will last much longer than the initial agreement. We believe this collaboration will be successful and that Rijeka supporters will drink and enjoy Tars and Kaltenberg beer”, said Luka Ivančić.

HNK Rijeka i Tars (22)

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