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1. Team : MAXtv first division : 36. Round
HNK Rijeka is the Croatian champion: a spectacular welcome at Korzo

At 1:40 AM on Sunday, the Rijeka players ran to the stage at Korzo in Rijeka, where thousands of fans came to greet them and once again celebrate their Croatian championship title! Korzo was literally burning at the homecoming ceremony unlike any ever seen in Rijeka.

The Rijeka players, accompanied by the valuable Croatian championship trophy from Zagreb, started slowly towards Korzo in the Rijeka TouRist bus, followed every step of the way by a few hundred fans.

An explosion of emotions followed when the cup arrived to the Rijeka stage, confirming once again who the best team in Croatia is!

Take a look at the photo gallery of the Rijeka players’ spectacular welcome.

HNK Rijeka prvak Hrvatske – proslava na Korzu (59)
HNK Rijeka prvak Hrvatske – slavlje na Korzu

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