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Croatian Football Cup: Rijeka beats Dinamo and wins the double!

Rijeka has won the Croatian Football Cup! In the finals, played in Varaždin, Rijeka beat Dinamo and triumphantly closed out the most successful season in history, winning the double – the league championship and the Croatian Football Cup!

It the the 72nd minute after one quick counterattack, Rijeka earned a corner. Mišić crossed the ball, Gorgon controlled it, and Župarić reacted brilliantly – 1:3. This is only one example of Rijeka’s quality play during the excellent match in Varaždin, on their way to winning the double.

In the 24th minute, Gavranović gave Rijeka the lead, but Dinamo tied the match with a score by Olmo in the 37th minute. At the beginning of the second half, Gavranović put Rijeka back ahead (1:2). Finally, Župarić scored, ensuring victory for Rijeka and leading to the massive celebration that followed.

Dinamo – Rijeka 1:3 (26)
Kup Hrvatske: Dinamo – Rijeka 1:3 (sažetak)
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