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Kvarnerska rivijera: Miroslav Iličić named best player; Lovro Majkić named best goalkeeper

HNK Rijeka forward Miroslav Iličić was selected as the best player of the 64th Kvarnerska Rivijera. Boris Milanović, the HNK Rijeka Academy deputy director, handed him the award. Miroslav competed at the highest level throughout the tournament and crowned his play with four scores.

Lovro Majkić, the HNK Rijeka goalkeeper, was elected the best goalkeeper of the tournament. The fact that ‘the Whites’ were not scored upon during the tournament shows the excellent play of the whole team. Ivan Mance, a former Rijeka player and the current deputy sports director of HNK Rijeka, handed the award to Majkić.

The award for the best striker went to Venezia player Andrea Dordito. The president of CFF (HNS), Davor Šuker, handed him the award. Zorislav Srebrić handed the award for fair play to the players of Dinamo.

Kvarnerska rivijera – dodjela priznanja (11)

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