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1. Team : MAXtv first division : 28. Round
Matjaž Kek celebrates his 200th match as Rijeka manager in match against Split

Matjaž Kek celebrated his 200th match as Rijeka manager in the contest against Split and was rewarded with a win. After the match, team captain Mate Maleš gave him a jersey with the number 200 on the back, while the audience greeted the Rijeka manager with loud chants.

On March 9, Kek marked his more than successful four years in which he has brought Rijeka a Croatian Football Cup, a Super Cup, and led the team to two matches in the UEFA Europa League.

With Saturday’s victory against Split, he reached his 125th victory, alongside 51 draws and 24 losses. In this period,

Rijeka has scored 393 goals and allowed 162. Thus it was not surprising to witness his firm embrace with Rijeka chairman Damir Mišković after the win against Split, as well as the chants of the whole stadium when Kek raised the number 200 jersey high above his head.


Matjaž Kek – 200. utakmica na klupi Rijeke (7)
Matjaž Kek – 200. utakmica na klupi Rijeke

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