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Matjaž Kek is no longer the manager of HNK Rijeka

Matjaž Kek is no longer the manager of HNK Rijeka. After Saturday’s defeat versus Gorica, Kek said goodbye to the fans and at the press conference announced his departure.

-“I’d like to congratulate Gorica on the win. They took advantage of our mistakes; their victory is deserved. I talked to chairman Damir Mišković and I am no longer the manager of Rijeka. I’d like to thank everyone for their collaboration; I’m the most responsible for the result and something had to change”, said Matjaž Kek.

Kek spent five and a half years in Rijeka, leaving a profound mark. In this period, Rijeka won the historic championship title, two Croatian Football Cups, and one Croatian Football Super Cup. In addition, Rijeka has earned three placements in the UEFA Europa League and a placement in the UEFA Champions League play-offs. During this time, Rijeka defeated great clubs such as Milan, Stuttgart, and Feyenoord.

HNK Rijeka would like to thank Matjaž Kek for everything and wishes him much success in his career moving forward.

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