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Aberdeen fans visit Rijeka: ‘We hope you will win the championship’

On Saturday, Aberdeen super fans Steve Fraser and Nicci Falconer visited the HNK Rijeka camp. Their friendship with Rijeka fans Teo Francetić and Robert Crnjak, the founders of “the faithful B section,” began when the Scottish Aberdeen played in Rijeka.

In the end, Aberdeen celebrated a 3:0 victory, but their friendship remained, and so Steve and Nicci welcomed the Rijeka fans during the second leg in Scotland.

Steve and Nicci decided to visit Rijeka one more time, wishing the team luck as the team looks to bring home the championship.

They watched the match from the stands with Chairman Damir Mišković and afterwords Matjaž Kek gifted them hats.

Navijači Aberdeena posjetili kamp HNK Rijeka (8)
Navijači Aberdeena posjetili HNK Rijeka


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