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Supporters bid farewell to Božidar Matijević with a moment of silence

Shortly before the beginning of the match against Split, Croatian Football Club Rijeka commemorated Božidar Matijević, technical director of Football College Abuja, who passed away on Thursday.

Vlado Čohar, managing director of HNK Rijeka, handed a commemorative gift to Božidar’s wife Maja, who was accompanied by her son Patrik and daughter Karla.

An emotional moment reached its peak when Joso Krmpotić read a short farewell text and the audience followed with a warm and emotional round of applause.

The beginning of the match was preceded by a moment of silence in memory of our Božo and the players of Rijeka played with black bands around their arms.

In the end, they beat Split 2:0 on the day Božo would have celebrated his 53rd birthday. He surely watched it all from a better place.

Božidar Matijević – minuta šutnje (6)

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