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Club : 1. Team
Ivan Vargić’s farewell: The long and warm round of applause said it all

Although everyone knew that Ivan Vargić would be leaving for the Italian club Lazio at the end of the season, it was hard to supress emotions when the time had come. A long and warm round of applause from the audience and cheers from the stands were proof of the mark Vargić left on Rijeka over the last few years.

Apart from being a great goalkeeper, breaking records, and winning enough trophies to become a part of the Rijeka’s football history, Vargić was, and still is, an extraordinary man. The cheerful man, full of positive energy and with a contagious smile, waved to Rijeka’s audience for the last time before the match against Istra 1961, although everyone was convinced that this was just a ‘see you later’…

Symbolically, his goalkeeping colleague Ivan Mance, current deputy sports director of HNK Rijeka and once Vargić’s teammate, handed him a farewell gift. Goalkeepers from the youth squad stood next to him – the future of the Club that will follow in the footsteps of the goalkeeper from Đakovo.

In the end, Vargić ran up to the loyal Armada and threw his jersey to the audience that has applauded him this whole time. Ivan, thank you and good luck!

Ivan Vargić – oproštajni video

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