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Memorandum of Understanding for the future Kantrida stadium complex has been signed

On Friday in Dubrovnik, the Memorandum of Understanding Regarding the Construction Project of the Future Kantrida Stadium Complex was signed between a representative of the company Stadion Kantrida d.o.o. and a representative of the Chinese TIEC (Top International Engineering Corporation). The Memorandum was signed as part of a meeting of the highest Chinese political officials and businessmen and their colleagues from 16 Central and Eastern Europe countries.

The text of a memorandum of understanding usually contains a description of the agreement between two business parties and in this particular case, an interest has been expressed for cooperation on the construction project of the Kantrida Stadium Complex.

TIEC is a corporation that employs more than 20,000 people and is involved in investment projects and construction. In addition to operating in China, it also operates in international markets. The corporation has been operating since 1950 and builds roads, airports, hospitals, buildings, and other structures in countries around the world. It has also built the national stadium in Cape Verde and received numerous professional awards for its work.

The City of Rijeka, as a co-owner of HNK Rijeka and the owner of the property, has also been involved in conversations with the Chinese partner since the very beginning.

Representatives of Stadion Kantrida d.o.o. and HNK Rijeka presented the Kantrida Stadium Complex project to many potential investors. Two Chinese and one German-Swiss corporation have shown the greatest interest.

TIEC was the most concrete and we are pleased to say that the formal legal basis for building the eagerly-anticipated stadium at Kantrida has been set.

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