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The Rijeka crowd wishes Vedran Jugović farewell with a warm round of applause

Even the rain could not ruin the moment. Vedran Jugović came out to the HNK Rijeka stadium lawn before the match against Cibalia. The club thanked him with a collage of his photographs and the message: “Thank you for 100 matches in a Rijeka jersey!”

Jugović played exactly 100 matches in the white jersey and will continue his career with the South Korean club Jeonnam Dragons.

Although the rain was falling relentlessly, the warm round of applause from the Rijeka crowd with chants of “Jugo, Jugo” said it all.

This was a moment Vedran will remember forever because, as he said, Rijeka has become a club equal to Osijek in his heart. The fans have grown to love Vedran because of his uncompromising approach and commitment on the field.

After all, this was only “see you again,” not “goodbye.” Good luck, Vedran!

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