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Rijeka – Inter: evening of sports humanity and football legends

This was a beautiful day at the HNK Rijeka stadium. As the sun was slowly setting behind Učka, the veterans of Rijeka and Inter Forever took to the lawn and, with a series of brilliant moves, exhilarated the audience. This was a chance to see many famous faces from the world of football that, until now, could be seen only on TV screens. Javier Zanetti, who was the most requested person for group photos, seemed like he could, without a problem, put a jersey on all over again and play at the highest level.

In the finale, Francesco Toldo left his gloves on the bench and reinforced Inter’s right side, while Nicola Berti entertained everyone present. Giorgos Karagounis, who won the UEFA European Championship with Greece, warmly welcomed Goran Vlaović and Danijel Šarić. There were many other chance encounters which evoked some distant memories from therir playing days.

Inter took the lead with Bianchi’s goal in the 23rd minute, while Rijeka had their moment in the 69th minute when they shot from the penalty spot. Flego took responsibility as Toldo was not in the goal at that moment, and Mondini made his mark – 1:1.

In the end, the result was not important. The look on Dalibor Horvat’s face – the originator of “All for our children – like a drop of water in the palm” charity campaign – said more than words. The charity campaign was successful and faithful Rijeka’s audience awarded the veterans of Rijeka and Inter with a round of applause.


Legende: Rijeka – Inter Forever (35)
Rijeka veterani - Inter Forever 1:1

Stadion HNK Rijeka. Sudac: Ivan Bebek. Pomoćnici: Linić i Kezele.

Strijelci: 0:1 Bianchi (23'), 1:1 Flego (69').

RIJEKA VETERANI: Radman, Grgurević, Čaval, Milinović, Brajković, Mladenović, Sharbini, Rački, Šarić, Miletić, Dobrić. Još su igrali: Bradičić, Šumberac, Grubišić, Dragoslavić, Aleksić, Brajković, Sherifi, Marković, Gibičar, Svetec, Flego, Mrnjaus, Florijančić, Hasančić.

INTER FOREVER: Toldo, Baresi, Colonnese, Fresi, Cesar, Bianchi, Zanetti, Pizzi, Karagounis, Carbone, Morello. Još su igrali: Mondini, Milanese, Berti, Baggio, Pizzi, Choutos.

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