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Three years since Stuttgart: Seconds that enchanted the whole Kvarner Gulf

That moment enchanted the whole Kvarner Gulf – those seconds, for Rijeka fans, lasted an eternity. It seemed like a dream when Ivan Močnić passed to Goran Mujanović, who then became a part of Football Club Rijeka history by scoring for a draw (2:2) at the Mercedes-Benz Arena and earning a place for Rijeka in the Europa League group stage. This was on 29 August 2013.

It was that score for a draw which marked one of the greatest achievements in Rijeka's history. It was a success that, only a few years ago and before Damir Mišković became chairman, seemed like only a dream.

For the first time in the Club’s history, Rijeka reached the group stage in the UEFA Europa League and joined the European football elite, bringing some of the best European clubs to Kantrida.

See the story about the famous away performance in Stuttgart below.

Reportaža iz Stuttgarta

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